On Time delivery

Hello Mr./Ms., good day to you!

Ever since the times of Coronavirus (Covid-19) appearance there has been a dramatic change on everything that surrounds our daily lives, and so does it still causing major delays in our shipping industry. Please understand, because of that shipping times has become very unpredictable in getting our customers order to their doorstep at a much predictable time. Please be advice, people who operate in these areas must still live under their capabilities of taking care of their own safety as well as security of the public at large and this include you. As a result, it is not just getting you a package on time but also to be cautious about all these other measures surrounding that. For this reason, we are asking you to forgive the times promised at your point of checking out and give us the grace of a more patient times for a prompt and safe delivery.

We're experiencing longer than normal call waiting times, so we may be slower to respond to your requests.

Thanks much for shopping with us.