Wall-mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

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capacity: 320ml USB charging

Features :

- Automatically Bubble

Bubble in 0.25s with non-contact operation, prevents cross-infection of bacteria, and has no burden on handwashing.

- Key Operation

Long pressing to turn on/off. Tap to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Double-click the button to enter the gear shifting mode: display the current gear, each press within 2s to add a gear, 01 gear is child mode, 02 is normal mode, and 03 is enhanced mode.

- Dedicated Non-marking Adhesive Paste Installation

The machine body and wall-mounted panel is separate, one sticking and one hanging, no nailing, worry-free installation.

- Wall-mounted Design

The machine body is small, simple and stylish, suitable for toilets, kitchens, public places and other environments.

- Dense and Delicate Foam

Precisely control the mixing ratio of soap and air, the foam is denser, more skin-intimated, deep cleaning.